Melissa Vogley Woods’ paintings are poised between representation and abstraction. Her works depict folded, stacked, and stored blankets, but are rendered ambiguous in the push and pull of other painted elements and layered colors. Shifting between landscapes, still lives, and figurative painting, Vogley Woods’ forms alternatively reference objects on a table, geological forms, architecture, bodily contours, and internal organs.

For her installation at CMA, Vogley Woods has added a further element of wall painting. The arches surrounding her works are derived from the architecture of ancient Rome, specifically the Flavian Palace on Palatine Hill. The palace’s half-domes were originally designed to suggest the emperor’s power and divinity, while also offering protection from behind. Framing her large-scale paintings, these arches are both incongruous and consistent with the stacked curves of her painted blankets.

Vogley Woods received her MFA from the Ohio State University in 2012, and has held teaching positions at Denison University, Columbus College of Art and Design, the Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College.

Tyler Cann

Curator of Contemporary Art

Columbus Museum of Art

On View July 14, 2017 through November 26, 2017 Columbus Museum of Art